Non-materialistic LOVE


(Note: I have been searching for the article where this photo was originally published and photographer. Photo credit goes to this brilliant person, whoever he/she may be 🙂 )

Few months ago, my cousin sent me this photograph and asked me to write about real love. I wish I had more to say than simply this:

Love is a four-lettered word with millions of emotions and thoughts attached to it. Sometimes materials define our love: large diamond rock on her finger = rich guy = what a great relationship ! The commodification of love has become so common that the word itself has become cheap…how unfortunate; I’m not hear to rant, but to take a moment to examine this beautiful photograph.

This photograph touched me (and probably many others). What about it is intriguing? It portrays an impoverished small family (I assume a husband, wife, and child) sitting (living?) on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Next to a street, leaning against a tree, a lover combs his wife’s hair; on her arm, a child. Perhaps their only belongings sit in the plastic bag in front of them. Something about this photograph is so relaxing…I think it must be love and tranquility. There is no dehumanization, there is no materialism, there are no weapons, there are no conquests; there is solidarity– a friendship and union which can only be felt. Despite living conditions, emotional or financial struggles they are facing, they are together; and that is all. A love so rare.


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