on budgeting and contended mind

Lately, I’ve been so frustrated with this notion of “Adulting.” (By the way, according to Urban Dictionary, “adulting” means “Doing something grown-up and responsible.”)

Along with cooking for myself, I’m having a difficult time budgeting expenses.

Yesterday, I was complaining to my Dad about how ridiculous it is that neither he nor my Mom taught me how to budget my expenses! However, it makes a lot of sense that I don’t have that skill because my parents never really budgeted or thought about average monthly costs beyond the monthly rent and bills. (Its hard to explain, but I’m sure you get it if you have parents like mine!)

As usual, he has a great rebuttal… he says something wise along the lines of ‘What is the point of being so practical, budgeting, and saving for life? One day you will realize you have money on the floor, yet nothing to spend it on…”

I laughed (because I doubt I will ever have that much money) and I if I ever do that much money, I know I never want what he said to be true..

Riches are not from an abundance of wordly goods, but from a contended mind.

~Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)


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