not invisible

trust anyone
who says
they do not see color.
this means
to them,
you are invisible.”
― Nayyirah Waheed

Have you ever thought of (or experienced)….

  • being harassed by a male supervisor but not having enough agency to stand up for yourself
  • when a stranger winks and follows you asking “Hey…Habla en Espanol?” – when he doesn’t speak Spanish and neither do you
  • when a random person says: “Namaste” – making you wonder why he didn’t say that to anyone else on the train but you and if he actually knows the meaning. [“the Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”]
  • when they ask “where are you from?” and the answer “New York” is not sufficient
  • when you fear the consequences of racial profiling because your father serves people in the craziest city
  • TSA stopping you for a “random check” almost every time you travel

So…don’t tell me you don’t see color, don’t relate me to Karim Abdul-Jabbar…

  • ask my ethnicity, ask me about my background
  • ask me what my name means
  • ask me how I feel

Because I am not invisible. I am a proud woman of color…in America…and it’s not as equal as we wish it would be.





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