immigrant experience

she is~

from a land where genocide
was not recognized

from a tongue
that could never be translated

from the womb
with a heart of gold

from his word
that she would be even more successful
…than a son

from the amnesty
of a special agricultural worker

from a soul
of remittances
work to live by-the-day

from aam shokto (dried mango)
wrapped in newspaper
sent from 7,875 miles away

from a concrete jungle
a twin-size bed
she dreamt

from the warmth
of her sister’s hand at night
she slept

from a heavy backpack
carried to 116 street, Pleasant Avenue

from opportunities
and persistence
of travel and further journey

from strength
of heart breaks and mends

from empathy
and passion
for work yet to be completed

from awareness
of resilience

from art
in every form

from a smile
of the beginning
of a new generation

she is
an abyss

and this is herstory.

~FKE. December 2016.


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