bangladesh, Gender-based Violence, identity, immigrant experience, public health

forgotten tale of independence

**Trigger Warning**

chabish-ey March (26th March)
independence day
we celebrate

but let us not forget…
the systematic killing of our people
“Operation Lightsearch”
war crime/death squads infiltrating the streets of Dhaka,
or the disappearance of half of Chittagong’s population
the cleansing-
genocide of over 3 million people
atrocities of religious leaders endorsing “gonimoter maal” (war booty)-
more than half million of our women
raped by Pakistan Military Forces
war babies, abortions, infanticide, suicide

let us not forget about the crimes against humanity
that many failed to acknowledge (and still, do not)

let us not forget the history
that our parents were too scared to teach us about
(they wanted to preserve our innocence and conceal hatred…)
while we dress in green and red,
commemorating the birthday of our motherland

শুভ স্বাধীনতা দিবস | happy independence day!
জয় বাংলা | Joy Bangla



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