bangladesh, identity, immigrant experience

for your 241st birthday-

it has been an interesting year being American
or rather contemplating “what am I?”
[because I’ve mentioned before,
“I’m from New York” never sufficed]

too foreign for my mother-land
too “FOB*” to be from here
so what I am was lost
between land, water, and the sky

I am a woman
I am an immigrant
I am Bangladeshi
I am American
I am Muslim
I am a survivor
I am an explorer
I am more
than words can describe

So, please clarify-
which answer you were seeking
when you asked,
“What are you?”

Happy 241st Birthday, United States of America! Also, for your information – WE GET THE JOB DONE! (And we will probably continue getting the job done.)

July 3, 2017.

*FOB: Fresh Off the Boat, also known as someone who has not conformed (or not acculturated) to the norm of the Western country he/she/they currently reside.

19724121_10154645008473456_1967078493_oMe, already trying to read what was then a foreign language.| Cambridge, MA |
Circa 1995


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