not invisible

“never trust anyone who says they do not see color. this means to them, you are invisible.” ― Nayyirah Waheed Have you ever thought of (or experienced).... being harassed by a male supervisor but not having enough agency to stand up for yourself when a stranger winks and follows you asking "Hey...Habla en Espanol?" -… Continue reading not invisible

public health

Health of Minorities in the U.S. (Reasons why I study Public Health)

Why am I studying public health? I find racial/ethnic disparities in maternal and child health, the risk factors associated with them, and the role of the life course perspective often difficult to fathom. An article by Geronimus suggests that while the odds of Low Birth Weight (LBW) and Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) are significant… Continue reading Health of Minorities in the U.S. (Reasons why I study Public Health)


on budgeting and contended mind

Lately, I’ve been so frustrated with this notion of “Adulting.” (By the way, according to Urban Dictionary, "adulting" means "Doing something grown-up and responsible.") Along with cooking for myself, I'm having a difficult time budgeting expenses. Yesterday, I was complaining to my Dad about how ridiculous it is that neither he nor my Mom taught… Continue reading on budgeting and contended mind


Farzana…a lady in leopard print in a jungle!

Yesterday as I got out of the Metro station, I realized a man holding a clipboard awkwardly smiling at me standing in my way... My brain was too slow to realize that he was one of those fundraising people and I got swooped up into an introductory conversation with him after asking me for a… Continue reading Farzana…a lady in leopard print in a jungle!


Non-materialistic LOVE

(Note: I have been searching for the article where this photo was originally published and photographer. Photo credit goes to this brilliant person, whoever he/she may be 🙂 ) Few months ago, my cousin sent me this photograph and asked me to write about real love. I wish I had more to say than simply… Continue reading Non-materialistic LOVE