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home-y skies

the thing about returning home is that everything remained but you have changed the feelings you crave are a mere reminder that time has passed and people you left are memories as i get older i realize i have many homes: i saw home in my sister’s eyes felt home in my friend’s arms smelled… Continue reading home-y skies

bangladesh, identity, immigrant experience

for your 241st birthday-

it has been an interesting year being American or rather contemplating "what am I?" [because I've mentioned before, "I'm from New York" never sufficed] too foreign for my mother-land too "FOB*" to be from here so what I am was lost somewhere between land, water, and the sky I am a woman I am an… Continue reading for your 241st birthday-



We're so concerned with "getting over," "getting through," "everything will be okay in the end." What about all the present moments? What about all the feelings? We don't let ourselves time to be sad, time to heal, time to cry, time to just be. We are striving for happiness all the time. As if its a end result, like a number on a… Continue reading Mindfulness