immigrant experience

she is~

from a land where genocide was not recognized from a tongue that could never be translated from the womb with a heart of gold from his word that she would be even more successful ...than a son from the amnesty of a special agricultural worker from a soul of remittances work to live by-the-day from… Continue reading she is~


I love myself.

-Nayyirah Waheed we live in a society that benefits from our self-doubt. a society where loving oneself is a rebellious act. it has been my biggest revolution yet, and i still haven't won. loving oneself is a practice. thus, "farzanaism"--the practice of being myself. ❤️loveyourselfeveryday Much love, FK.


Non-materialistic LOVE

(Note: I have been searching for the article where this photo was originally published and photographer. Photo credit goes to this brilliant person, whoever he/she may be 🙂 ) Few months ago, my cousin sent me this photograph and asked me to write about real love. I wish I had more to say than simply… Continue reading Non-materialistic LOVE


Compassion for a Final Embrace

About a year ago, I wrote a compassion narrative titled "Compassion for a Final Embrace" on a photo that still leaves me numb. On the 2nd anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, I wanted to share a modified version with you simply to bring awareness to those who did not learn about it...its never to late… Continue reading Compassion for a Final Embrace