My Series of (Balinese) Skies 

Ubud, Bali (^Photo Credit: R.A.K)   Tegallalang, Bali   Tanah Lot Temple, Bali   Balangan Beach, Bali   Uluwatu, Bali All rights reserved. Thank you. 🙂

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Exploring an Identity (Part 2: “Our People v. Your People”)

"ebhabei amader manush jibon katai" (this is how our people spend their lives) - a common preface or ending to any melancholic observation or story. For a long time I thought these people (living in Bangladesh) were "my people," but I realized it is a difficult concept to grasp. How can they possibly be my… Continue reading Exploring an Identity (Part 2: “Our People v. Your People”)

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Exploring an Identity (Part 1)

These past few weeks have been really interesting for me. Background: It is the first time I am visiting my motherland for a purpose other than family. It also happens to be my first time in a public health research setting (aside from an academic setting and a small community based organization I interned at… Continue reading Exploring an Identity (Part 1)


on budgeting and contended mind

Lately, I’ve been so frustrated with this notion of “Adulting.” (By the way, according to Urban Dictionary, "adulting" means "Doing something grown-up and responsible.") Along with cooking for myself, I'm having a difficult time budgeting expenses. Yesterday, I was complaining to my Dad about how ridiculous it is that neither he nor my Mom taught… Continue reading on budgeting and contended mind



We're so concerned with "getting over," "getting through," "everything will be okay in the end." What about all the present moments? What about all the feelings? We don't let ourselves time to be sad, time to heal, time to cry, time to just be. We are striving for happiness all the time. As if its a end result, like a number on a… Continue reading Mindfulness


The average therapist-student conversation…

What I understand is that you are stressed about being stressed and getting an anxiety attack Perhaps Is there a reason why you can’t be stressed I think I’m abnormally stressed -silence- Do you think I stress so I can push myself to get things done? Wait...does that even make sense? Do you mean stress… Continue reading The average therapist-student conversation…